The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it, Winston Churchill.

Perhaps, you may want to consider the following points:

Even the highest towers begin on the ground, Chinese Proverb.


Drop by drop the sea is drained, English Proverb.

Nobody is born with innate knowledge. Everyone needs to learn and work hard in order to achieve success, as well as, making mistakes in order to grow and learn.
Do not be discouraged if your goal seems too big, too far away or even scary to achieve.
Trust me on this, you can accomplish almost any goal by focusing on one small action after another, by working very hard and having patience – Give it time!


The hope of achieving your goals gives meaning to your path and offers enough psychological benefits that are worth trying.

One of the key ideas is to start with a “mini goal”, in other words, to break your goal down into something more manageable, short-term, and specific. Even though it is not what you really want to achieve, it is a small but significant step in the right direction that you need to complete on your way to reaching your ultimate goal.

For example, if you want to lose weight and you are a couch potato, it may not be a good idea to set an unrealistic or very difficult goal like “I will go to the gym two or three hours from Monday to Friday,” “I am going to run a marathon three months from now,” or “I will follow a draconian diet.”

The chances of failure are greater with these objectives, which in turn, will increase your frustration and negativity.
Set a goal with a very realistic here-and-now approach. It should be something that requires effort, but not so much that you realise that you probably will not do it. It needs to be close to your reality and possibilities. It’s also very important to ask for help to move forward and be grateful when you achieve your objectives.
These mini goals should be measurable, too. For instance, in our first example: “I will go to the gym for one and a half hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays,” “I will stop eating those chocolate chip cookies that I really adore,” etc.
If you really want to succeed:

When you achieve success, although your accomplishments may seem small, simple, or unimportant to you, you should really celebrate them, because you’re moving in the right direction.
If you fail, do not worry too much, and especially, do not throw in the towel, but try again. Never say you cannot, I repeat, always say I will try again.

You cannot avoid making mistakes or suffering pain and adversity. However, you should get up and try again every time you fall down.

If you fall seven times, stand up eight, Japanese Proverb.

Falling is allowed, getting up again is a must, Russian Proverb.


Do not leave it for tomorrow. Remember that “I will do it tomorrow” means I will definitely not do it today, I am procrastinating, and perhaps, I will never get round to doing it.”

It is also important to understand that success is not only about achieving your goals and dreams as you had defined them initially. We need to be: flexible in order to accept an impenetrable wall or adapt to an ever changing reality; humble to admit our flaws, failures, limits, or bad planning; and ready to redefine our goals or find another way round to reach them.

Finally, remember this: “Those who succeed do so in spite of failures and obstacles, by acting and not talking, by being able to adapt and reinvent themselves, by learning from their mistakes, by showing resilience and perseverance despite setbacks and difficulties.”

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Author: Anawim

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