About us

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About us


We are not satisfied with the reality in which we live. Consequently, we want to be part of the people who struggle to change the world in a more human, fraternal and united way. We want to empower individuals and communities by equipping them with the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills they need to enjoy and exercise their rights, to succeed and develop a healthy lifestyle as one single family, as well as, to respect and defend the rights of others.

We want to be a non-profit association or N.G.O., but we are still a work in progress. We are seeking volunteers and support to carry out our mission.


Try to inform and raise awareness about the serious social problems that we face, as well as, encourage civic and social participation. We have no religious, political or governmental affiliation.

We focus on the main issues and problems that affect us all as individuals and as a society and aim to provide possible ideas and solutions. However, we try as much as possible, to be rigorous and maintain a political, religious and cultural detachment. The “Te Amo Padre” section (Spanish version) is the only one that relates to the Christian faith.

OUR GOALS: What is our point?

Free resources to help your child and your entire family succeed, develop a healthy lifestyle, and have fun.

Inform, raise awareness about social problems and encourage civil and social participation, as well as fund development projects, such as brac.

More specifically

Our core values ​​are:

Who are we?

Hands World

We are people who want to change the world. We hope to continue to do our bit and make a difference in helping make the world a better, more sustainable, prosperous, and fairer place. We are social and religious activists.