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These are funny, easy to read and informative ebooks for kids and teenagers, Anawim & Daniel Santo (Illustrator).
The second part of ‘Martha and the twins’ book collection. You have already met them. Enjoy their new adventures and know how far they can go in challenging each other, Anawim.
Children’s Picture Books about five kids who get involved in all kinds of adventures and dangerous situations. Anawim & J. Kalvellido (Illustrator).
The second book from The wizard’s apprentices’ collection. It immerses you in a world full of adventures and never-ending fun, Anawim & J. Kalvellido.
An incredibly fun, entertaining, and inspirational ebook. Learn more through free, bilingual, and Reading Comprehension resources, Anawim & J. Kalvellido.
A collection of easy-to-read picture books. They are specially designed to make the reading experience more enjoyable, satisfying, and interesting, #justtothepoint, Anawim.
portada-marta-y-los-gemelos-iInspirational and funny picture ebooks to encourage reading, learning, personal development and social skills, #justtothepoint, Anawim.
portada-marta-y-los-gemelos-iVery interesting, hilarious, and educational ebooks for kids and teenagers, #justtothepoint, Anawim.
portada-marta-y-los-gemelos-iWhy don’t you try one of these advanced books for teenagers and young adults? #justtothepoint, Anawim.
Classic books I
Classic books that everyone should read at least once in their lifetime.
Classic books II
Classic books that will make you think, cry, laugh out loud, and keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire reading.
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