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Biology is the study of living things, such as, animals, plants, and micro-organisms, and their vital processes.

All living things are composed of cells. A cell is the very smallest unit of living matter. For example, our brain is made up of billions of brain cells often called neurons.

Human cells are like most animal cells. They contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, mitochondria, and ribosomes.

Mitosis is the process by which the nucleus divides into two nuclei. It is the essential process underlying the reproduction of cells.


All cells are divided into two types: prokaryotic and eukaryotic. Prokaryotic ones are those that do not have a nucleus. They are generally much smaller and simpler than eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells are called as such because they have a true nucleus. They are much larger and much more complex than prokaryotic cells. Animals, plants, and fungi (yeast and mushrooms) are all eukaryotic organisms.

The genetic material of eukaryotes is located in the nucleus and organized into specialized structures known as chromosomes. A chromosome is made of DNA and proteins.


DNA is an essential molecule for life. It contains all the genetic instructions that an organism needs in order to live, grow, develop, and reproduce. Molecules are small particles that make up all living and non-living things

Molecules are made up of atoms that are stuck together by chemical bonds. Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter. They are the particles of which we, and everything around us, are made.

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